Ever look around and think “wow, everyone is progressing what am I doing with my life do I even have goals?”


It’s that moment when you wonder if what you have been focusing on really matters and if you have clear goals. That pause in your life when you can assess where you are in life and if you require a new path, more action, more rest, to continue your course, or realize you need a freaking wake up call.


This moment has happened to me more than once in my life.  Recently, a friend posted about moving to LA on a Facebook post regarding a business question; Reading I instantly thought “Oh, shit we have lost touch I did not even know she planned to move cross country.”


We all grow in different directions and at different speeds that is just how life works.  But we don’t always recognize what is happening so when I see a flashing red warning sign in front of me I take time to elevate my life.  


Ask Yourself “What am I doing with my Life?”   If you hear crickets you know that it’s time to reevaluate your goals.


Working as a therapist since 2013 I have learned many people do not know how to assess or create goals.

So Here is my method of evaluating my life and business…


First, I look at my personal well-being.  I think most of us can agree if you don’t feel good and aren’t taking care of yourself you will self-sabotage other areas of your life.


For me, the only way I know where I want to be is to ACTUALLY my goals.  Sound obvious? Believe it or not, many of us are not sure where we want to be, or we are working towards goals that we no longer want.


The process below is exactly how I would create a check in for my personal and business goals on an emotional level.  For a full business elevation, I would bring in financial forecasting, but that step is pointless if you do not assess your heartfelt goals first.


Grab a notebook and a pencil and create the following template with your responses.  You can add more if required to meet your ideal.  Also, this is an exercise that you should complete at least twice a year to confirm you are still working toward goals that are in your heart.


How to Create Personal Goals:



  1. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night or even more if required.
  2. Exercising 5 times a week. (Has to be something that excites me and right now that is Kickboxing)
  3. Yoga
  4. Eating clean and healthy meals 4-5x a day.
  5. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day.
  6. Resting if tired.
  7. Taking my supplements daily.
  8. Spending time outdoors.


I always start with the body because it is easiest to connect with our physical needs before anything else, without a body we aren’t alive and living this experience.


Everything on the body list immediately impacts my body, health, and thinking abilities.  Consider what you require to have a fully operational system, and that is what you should have on your physical goals.


You may have noticed I list sleep and rest on the list which may seem like a duplicate but it is not to me. For years I worked 16-20 hour days 6 or 7 days a week and did not allow myself to get tired or rest.  Those days no longer serve me, and I choose the slower more consistent path instead of the hard and fast way that leads to burnout. You pick what works for you.



  1. Meditating at least 20 minutes a day.
  2. Reading for business, fun, and content daily. (Yes, I read a few books at once)
  3. Developing new skills for business (class, reading/listening to a book, work with a coach, etc.)
  4. Exploring new environments and people.
  5. Leaning about leadership.
  6. Having enough alone time which varies due to my business demands and cycle.
  7. Journal out my emotions and ideas.
  8. Discuss my business ideas with other business owners to better develop them and implement faster.



  1. At least a date night or day date every week.
  2. Talk with my mother, sisters, and father a few times a week.
  3. Snuggle with my partner and doggies every day and no exceptions.
  4. Have deep conversations that challenge my mind with my partner.
  5. Meet up in person with other women at least twice a month.
  6. Have a private place in my home to have alone time.
  7.  Go out and do things by myself to honor my most significant relationship with myself.
  8. Say hello, smile, give compliments, and have conversations when walking around town.


Each of these lists can be as long or short as required to fit your goals.  For each item on my list, I can think through how it impacts me on a long and short-term basis.  They all have meaning and positively affect me.


Don’t stop here.


Other Goals Lists you should consider with your check-in are:


  • Spiritual
  • Environmental (Location you live, type of housing, people in home)
  • Financial (This should be added to your budget)


How to evaluate the emotions behind your Business:

  • Ideal Clients
  • Mission/Work Mindset
  • Benefits of Business to Others
  • Work environment
  • Work Schedule (What hours you work, how many hours, partners?)


All of these goals are to create an emotional balance between work, play, and alone time.  These should be a baseline to create a plan. When you are in flow with your goals the money part becomes much easier, but you still have to develop budgets, a business plan, and forecast your financials.  


I have learned that you can make a lot of money and not be happy and you can make very little money and be very happy.  For me, I wish to have it all lots of money, help others, and be happy and for that to happen, I have to be true to myself and have a plan.  


These lists are a great place to start to define what you want, but you must take deliberate action to achieve your goals.   


I help men and women create and achieve their goals regularly, and I would love to help you too.  If you are ready to move forward towards your goals start by joining the Mind Love Body community on Facebook. And for those ready to work with me directly check out The Sisterhood, a group coaching program designed specifically for women looking to spring forward in life and business.