An Open Letter From One Grieving Person to Another:

Recently my only Uncle passed away, and it left me feeling helpless.   I am a healer, spiritual guide, mental health counselor, and a life coach making me want to help my family members going through the grief process.

Unfortunately, I have experienced a lot of death in my short life and buried many friends and family members.  Not one has been easier compared to the other. Each death is sad. Each death leaves one grieving a different way.  

You see, there is no right or wrong way to grieve.  Yes, there is a grief cycle, and I agree with it, but we all do it differently with every death.

There is a pain and sadness that happens when someone you love dies creating a void in your being.   Not feeling complete you will look for ways to make it better.

The response to losing a loved one ranges considerably.  You may feel denial, anger, regret, relief, depressed, happy, or even combative during your grieving process.  There are times you will feel numb and others times there will be too many emotions to process. Where ever you are in the grieving process know time will heal your broken heart.  

You will never go back to the way it was before, but you can move forward.   And as a person who communes with Spirits and I guarantee you your loved one wants you to be happy.

A Metaphysical View of Life

Coming into this world, we are born with perfectly balanced chakras and feel unconditional love.  Our experiences impact the balance of our chakras giving us an opportunity to create balance. Before, starting our human experience, we select our life purpose and the people we should meet during our life to learn our karmic lessons.

I believe that we are all energy before, during, and after our human experience.  All of our actions, feelings, and experiences are energy as well. We are all connected to one another and everything because we are all energy.

Each person that comes into your life for a few minutes or many years impacts your life.  A friendly hello to a stranger may be the only kind words a person hears in a day. A fight with a loved one could impact your way of communicating forever.  The impact of each action creates a compounding effect.

Grieving: A Therapist Point of View

Over the years I have collected these concepts that have helped me through the grief cycle.

I hope this list helps you as much as it helps me.

Know and trust you will be whole again.

Permit yourself to grieve in any way that will help you.

Find a counselor or therapist to talk to about your feelings and will give you honest feedback.

Allow yourself to feel joy and be happy.

Know that your loved one would want you to keep on living and enjoying life.

Stay in contact with people who love you and will support you in a positive way.

Notice if you are playing the victim role and quickly decide not to believe that story.

Process through your memories, emotions, grief, and hurt not allowing yourself to stay stuck.

Accept you will grieve but you also still have a wonderful life ahead of yourself.


Farewell to My Uncle

This article is a way for me to grief my uncle’s death.  The statements are from my life experience, counselor education, and personal beliefs.  I hope this helps others as much as it did me. If you are grieving right now, I highly recommend journaling your feelings.  Keeping everything bottled up will manifest in your body as disease and illness. Express yourself and give yourself time to heal.

To my uncle in heaven I can feel your happiness as your body no longer hurts and you are now surrounded by your mother and father.  I will miss your laughs, supportive talks, and hotrod conversations. Thank you for the fun adventures. I love you Uncle Bob.