The easiest way to have more love in your life is to start with yourself.  Learning how to love yourself more is a skill that must of us are not taught as children.  Instead, we are taught how to judge ourselves and believe we are not good enough.  Today is the day that you should commit to creating more love and compassion towards yourself.  By you treating yourself lovingly than others will have a template on how they should treat and love you.

Read over each of the following ten suggestion and pick one at a time to work.  Before you know it, you’ll have all ten implemented creating more love in your life.   Be kind and gentle to yourself as you incorporate these suggestions and notice if something feels hard or unbelievable.  If it feels hard, then you need to stay with that concept until it feels natural.


How to Love Yourself More


1) You’re Enough

Stop judging who you are against others and who you think you should be.  You made lots of choices to get where you are, and each one of those choices made you the amazing person you are right now.  You are enough just as you are.  Comparing will only waste time and take you away from your true happiness.


2) Be Your Best Friend

Treat yourself like you would your best friend.  Take yourself out on fun adventures.  Don’t feel guilty about buying yourself gifts. And most importantly NO NAME CALLING. Seriously, you may not call yourself b*tch, stupid, slow, ugly, fat, or anything else negative.


3) Listen to Your Inner Voice

You are filled with ideas, desires, and fantasies.  To accomplish any of them, you first need to listen to your inner voice.  Get it all on paper, create a plan, and take action.  It gets harder and harder to hear to your inner voice the longer your ignore it so best to just keep on listening and being true to who you are.


4) Honor Your Emotions

All emotions are necessary and offer you insight into what you’re thinking.  Yes, feelings are insights into your thoughts.  Allow yourself to feel and discover who you are.  Anger does not mean you are a bad a person it means the situation created a feeling of lack, fear, or confusion all of which can be overcome.



5) Treat Self-Love as Important as Romantic Love

Self-love is a way of life that can never be skipped.  You must know how to love yourself before you can allow another to love you and you love them.  Make a commit every day to continue to build the foundation of self-love that supports your life.


6) Sleep More

Life is busy, and there will always be more to do tomorrow.  Go ahead and rest when you are tired.  Take a nap, go to bed early, have a lazy day, and even call out of work for a mental health day.  Think of those moments you wished something bad didn’t happen most likely you were overwhelmed and tired.  Go ahead and commit to taking a rest when you need it.


7) Eat More Clean Food

Food is fuel. Food is medicine.  Feed yourself good, clean, and healthy foods.  Eat small meals often.  Every body is different, but all perform better with a healthy balanced diet.  And don’t forget to eat your veggies too.


8) Less Negative Thoughts

Thoughts always impact your feelings.  Don’t get stuck in a pattern of negativity.  If a negative thought comes into your mind, simply decide it is not genuine and replace it with something empowering and positive.  The more you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, the easier it will become.


9) Touch Is Important

Human touch and sexuality are essential basic human needs.  Allow yourself to feel pleasure and a genuine connection to yourself and others.  Yeck, Touch is one of the five love languages.


10) More Love Please

Get into the habit of having more positive thoughts daily.  A key way I teach clients to have more positive thoughts is to use affirmations.  Start by telling yourself you are amazing and talented.  There is power in believing in yourself.

These are some of the basics you can add into your life to create more self-love which is the first step to having more love in your life.  It may feel awkward to incorporate some of these ideas, but it’s really just an indicator of where to start.  Have fun with these and do them as fast or as slow feels comfortable to you.