How to Create a Personal Retreat is a ME SPACE


Do you find yourself looking for a space to relax, recharge, and simply take a breath during the day?  You’re not alone many of my clients are searching for a ME space in their home, office, and life.

As a woman I am pulled in every direction between my career, home, and family and if I’m not careful there is no time left for myself.  Years ago I was trained on how to create a ME space in my home and how to build one on the go.  To have a successful ME space, you require a space the incorporates your physical, emotional, and spiritual beings.  When looking at the physical setting, you want to plan out all 5 of your senses.

Follow these simple steps to create a customized “ME space” in your home, office, or any place you happen to be.


How to Create a ME SPACE:




Energetically you’ll want an area filled with light and fresh, clean air.  The space doesn’t have too big, but it should be clean and decluttered.   Take advantage of healing powers of nature and pick a second outside such as a bench or walking trail.


1) Dedicate a small space for your ME space.

2) Declutter the area.

3) Keep it clean.

4) Know it does not have to be the same space each time, but if you can dedicate a chair, corner, or room, you’ll create a positively charged space from repeated use.



You’ll want the area to have a pleasant view that may be a small altar, a window, or a photo pick what works for you.  What would you like to look at? What colors, pictures, window view, etc.  Colors have vibrations that impact your mood the best colors for relaxing are purples, blues, and lighter hues.

1) Pick your view.

2) Pick your colors.




If you have children, this is always an interesting step because when your home is silent that usually means trouble is occurring in the home.  😉  Ask your partner, friend, and neighbor to watch the kids for 30 minutes.  Once you have calmed the sounds in the house, you can stay in silence or select what you want to hear.  There is a lot of power with sitting in silence, and I recommend choosing silence at least a few times a week if it feels good to you.

Some ideas for sounds: waterfalls, ocean, birds, yoga music, chanting, whales, and if walking outside you can listen to nature.

1) What THREE sounds help you relax?

2) What can you do to eliminate any distracting sounds?




Think of a time you last smelled some delicious food, did your state of mind change?  How about smelling something that brings back a memory.  When creating a space smell is very important.  One of the easiest ways to establish the smell you want is with essential oils.   There is tremendous power in using Essential Oils to heal the body and mind while setting the purpose of a space.  

I pulled these EO uses directly from Google: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Atlas Cedarwood, Palo Santo, and Patchouli are considered great EO for grounding which helps with anxiety and relaxing.  Clary Sage, Lavender and Roman Chamomile act as natural sedatives.

1) Decided how you want to feel and Google which EO to use.

2) Get some EO and a diffuser to keep in your home. (I recommend Eden’s Garden)

3) If not using EO how would you prefer to create a pleasant smelling space?




The time of day you head into your ME space will most likely dictate what you want to drink.  I always recommend staying hydrated with water to improve brain function and overall health.  Try having lemon water or a caffeine-free tea.   If coffee is your thing, and trust me I LOVE coffee too, I recommend looking at lower acid coffee choices such as Bulletproof Coffee.

1) What do you want to drink?

2) Could you keep a jug of this drink ready in the fridge?




Have you tried to sit in a meditation only to stop because your physical being is uncomfortable with being cold, hot, or scratched?  Make your space a touch-friendly space with soft fabrics, comfy seats, pillows, blankets, and anything else you need to feel good.

1) What fabrics do you want in your space?

2) Do you have a favorite throw blanket, pillow, or chair you want in your ME space?

3) Some people find it easier to connect to the space by purchasing a specific blanket to keep in that location.




It’s not always easy to step away and give ourselves a few moments especially in the office or a home with children.  When you first start taking a few minutes for yourself, you may feel guilty or another negative emotion about it, and this is entirely normal.  Each time you feel these feelings tell yourself it is normal to feel this way and you know that by taking a break you’ll be a better “____.” (Fill in the blanket with what works for you: mom, boss, wife, partner, co-worker.)  In your time you’ll see the results from your ME time, and those feelings will melt away.

1) Release any guilt for not helping others or completing your check-list before you rest.

2) Always start by getting comfortable and taking a few deep breaths.

3) Allow yourself to enjoy the moment.




Let go of the NEED to be it all and do it all with no breaks.  There will always be more to do, and by you taking some time to rest you’ll complete your tasks quicker and more efficiently.  Clear your mind of your do-to list and allow yourself to be in the present moment.

1) Commit to making the time that is just for you.  This step is non-negotiable.

2) If it helps put ME time on your do-to list.
Wow, that’s a lot of suggestions to take in.  Don’t worry you only have to focus on one at a time.  Take a week and work on one item each day and if you need more time take it, this is all about you.