Empath protection comes first from inside one’s self using simple shamanic practices.  Psychic protection is a powerful tool every empath should learn to develop.  We are all empathic and sensitive to other people’s emotions.  The Empath Survival Series is a three-part series that teaches how to protect your energy from energy vampires, negative people, and large crowds.  I highly recommend looking at all three parts of this series.


What is an Empath?

Empaths are awesome, and we all have the ability to be an Empath. We can tap into the energy of other people to feel and manipulate emotions. Most people who embrace their empathic abilities will further develop psychic abilities.


Empath Protection with Psychic Practices:



Be Aware- Start to pay attention to the feelings you are experiencing and figure out if they are your feelings or someone else’s.



Connect And Ask For Help- Ask source to assist you with protecting your energy and to protect you from other’s emotions. Always reach out to your guides and source when you require some help.



Expand when you want to shrink and hide.  When you want to retreat and be alone push your energy out to take up more space.  Keep pushing out your energy further and further allowing your light to touch everything. We are all connected, and when you remember this, it is much easier to manage what you are experiencing.



If you do not like someone else energy you can imagine a bubble around them keeping their energy in a contained space. If you are in a room filled with negative energy, you will place yourself in a protective bubble. (And remember you can call on Source to help too)


Connect with source energy by placing your bare feet on the ground (works best outside).  Pull the energy up through your feet and feel how you are supported.

To learn more about how to protect yourself as an empath check out the other two parts of this series.


Part 1- The mental exercises you can use to protect your energy in any situation.

Part 2 – The specific stones and crystals that an Empath should place around the home and wear on a daily basis.

Part 3- Explains the power of essential oils for protecting energies and increasing the vibration of a space.