Starting out many just want to know how to deal with being an empath and not feel everyone else’s emotions.  Being an empath is a wonderful experience once you learn how to protect your energy and place boundaries around other people.  This article is a 3 part series we look at ways to protect your energy as an empath with mental practices in part 1, using stones and crystals in part 2, and essential oils in part 3.  If you missed part 1, you can click here to read about ways to use your mind to create a happy place for your being.



I remember the first time someone told me that a stone could help me with the crazy overwhelming feelings I was experiencing.  There was no larger no believer in the world that a stone or crystal could clear my head.  At that time I was desperate to get some kind of relief so I “tried” out a crystal.  A friend placed a crystal over my heart chakra, and I immediately felt a change and an increase of warmth.  From that moment on I read everything I could about stones and learned how to tap into their power.

Clear Negative Energy

Crystals and stones have the ability to absorb negative energy and raise the vibration of a space. Even if you do not believe, but you have a tiny bit of hope you will feel the results.  On the other hand, there is nothing more powerful than your mind and if you believe in the stones, their healing powers will multiple.  Over the years I have gathered stones and learned which ones have the most powerful effects which is the list in the video and listed below.


Connect With The Stones

Read through each of these stones and crystals along with their purpose and see what you connect with and want to bring into your home.  To pick out the right stone listen to your intuition and if you can not hear your intuition read the descriptions and allow your analytical mind to pick for you.

Each of the stones and crystals below you can keep in your home, car, and even wear on your body.  Many empaths wear black tourmaline and selenite in their bras when they go out into public.


Crystals and Stones for Empaths


  1. BLACK TOURMALINE– Clears out negative energy by absorbing it.  Place one over every door that goes to the outside of your home.
  2. SELENITE– Clears energy and raises the vibration of space. Place all over the house and some on your altar.
  3. ROSE QUARTZ– Increase harmony and love. Place some in the Bedroom and on nightstands.
  4. AMETHYST– Clear negative energy blocks and offers general psychic protection.
  5. SMOKY QUARTZ– General protection against negative influences.
  6. BLACK ONYX– Blocks negative energy from getting in.  All black stones have this ability.

Open Your Heart Chakra

Open your mind to the possibility that being an empath is an amazing gift we all have and it is your choice to develop it.  These stones will assist with clearing up your mind that is being overloaded with other people’s emotions.  I highly recommend if you are unable to get some stones in your home to read over part 1 of this series and put the mental practices into place.