Empathy Survival Series includes ways empaths can protect themselves from negative energy and other people’s emotions.  Being an Empath is a blessing we all are born with but with different ability levels.  If you feel other people’s emotions you are experiencing the power of being an Empath.

The first and second part of the Empath Survival series explains how to use mental practices, crystals, and stones to clear negative energy and raise your vibration.  This last section will outline the essential oils and smudges.  If you are just picking up the series now check out Part 1 and Part 2 to get a clear understanding of what an empath is and additional ways to protect your energy.




Essential oils each have different vibrations and unique attributes.  As an Empath, you can use an individual oil or combine a few creating a unique mix.  Before using an essential oil check to see if it should be applied to the skin directly or with a carrier oil, some can be consumed, and other oils should be diffused.  Below are a few of the most important essential oils for an Empath to have and a few extras E.O. that are amazing.


Must have Essential oils:

  1. FRANKINCENSE– Removes negative energy from the body, aura, psychic energy field and environment.  Frankincense is a must for all empaths and meditators.
  2. VETIVER-Increases positive energy flows and clears lower vibrational energy.
  3. LAVENDER-Especially good with clearing out energy that is difficult to move and is relaxing.
  4. SAGE– Fantastic with removing negative energy and protection against tensions.


Some other really good essentials oils:

  1. CYPRESS– Purifies energies and increases the vibration of the space.
  2. CHAMOMILE– Excellent for calming and grounding.
  3. ROSE– The highest vibrational frequency and is best used after removing negative energy.



Why Smudge? (Especially if you are an Empath)

Smudging is something everyone should do and sensitive empaths should smudge often.  Burning sage or another smudge removes negative and excess energy by allowing smoke to purify the air.  You can also raise the vibration of the space with certain items.  Smudging should be done weekly, or as often you feel the energy stuck in the air.  Besides the traditional form of smudging with burning you can smudge by spraying these as essential oils.

Recommended Smudges:

  1. SAGE– Removes excess and negative energy.
  2. SANDALWOOD– Raises the vibration of the space.
  3. CEDAR– Clears negative energy.


How to Smudge:

1- Light your sage on fire and blow out the fire, so it is still smoking.

2- Start at the back of the home and walk to the front door stopping in each room letting the smoke go into every area.

3- Once at the front door walk through the front door with the intention of all the negative energy leaving the space.

Recently, I posted a video on smudging, clearing negative energy, and raising the vibration of your space.  I show examples of many of these items from this blog if you would like to see what I use to keep my empath home safe and happy.