It is easier than you can imagine to find a great life partner without going on a dating app.  There are a few steps to get a guy to ask you out by you being the amazing person you are right now.



It is easiest to attract the guy you want by knowing who you are first.  Discovering who you are will also help you meet people with similar interests.  Create the 3 lists below and start discovering who you are and what you want.  How to get a guy starts with you know who you are, what you like, and what you want in a relationship.

  1. What you love to do.—> Find ways to do more of these things.
  2. What you have always wanted to do. —> Get ready for some fun
  3. Things you hate doing.—> Immediately find ways to stop doing these things.
  1. Things I absolutely love to do.
2) Things I have always wanted to do but have not yet. 3) Things I hate to do.
Do these activities more often to bring up your vibe. Pick at least one of these to do every week. Find ways to outsource these to other people.
1  i.e. Go Hiking  i.e. Go Snow Shoeing  i.e. Laundry
2  i.e. Work on my house  i.e. Travel to China  i.e. Living in Cold Climate

Start doing more of the things you like.

Stop doing the things you hate.  Hire someone to do the things you hate and spend your time enjoying life.

Experiment with the list of things you want to try by doing at least thing each week on that list.


Men want a woman who is confident and have opinions.  If a guy doesn’t want you having an opinion, that’s a huge red flag that he is a loser, controlling, possibly a narcissist, and he is just gonna make your life hell. You deserve to have a guy that will treat you well which is the way you deserve to be treated.


Allow yourself to enjoy being by yourself and doing things by yourself.  Later you’ll enjoy doing things with your partner, as well.  The only way to can grow as a person is by experimenting and trying new things in a way you can have an unbias experience. If you use a partner or a friend as a crutch you’ll get stuck in a codependent icky relationship, and who wants that?


As you go through your lists make a new friend at every single time. Try to make a friend with a girl, if you’re a girl, and if you like boys. Somebody who you would not be attracted to who has a similar interest. That way, if you want to do a follow up of this activity again, you have a built-in friend to do it.


Naturally, you will start to expand your friend network with people who have common interests. Then you’ll start attracting guys in that particular area and it’ll be they’ll just come to you. They will be interested in what you’re interested in. You’re will have similar things in common making it easier to connect.

But it’s through this whole process of first you discovering who you are, going out and being confident, and trying things on your own, and then creating a network of girlfriends or guy friends.

That network of friends will be the baseline for a guy to approach you.  It’s going to become very, very natural. This method keeps you away from blind dates, living a fun life, and naturally will attract a partner to you. It will not be awkward, like doing those apps.