Manifest with a Positive Mindset and Get Anything You Want


Getting anything you want is more accessible than most people could imagine.  There are a few commonly used strategies to manifest and they all have four similar concepts.  Below you will find the 4 steps to create your desires. The process is often referred to as manifesting but for those that do not want any new-age B.S. just think of it as getting anything you want.  You will see the most success with this process when you fully commit to the ideas and stay heart focused.


Step 1- THINK IT

The first step to manifest is knowing what you want with crystal clear clarity.  You must know what you want in order to manifest that desire.  The easiest way to get clear on what you want is to create a list explaining all the details with a specific timeline in your journal.  Another way to get clear on your hopes and dreams is to ask yourself a few questions about what would make you happiest.  The important thing with this step is to think about the desired outcome and not be concerned about the way you will get there.  If you are focused on the how to get there, you will be in your head and not your heart.


Step 2- SEE IT

Manifesting requires being able to see yourself with the desired result.  First, take out your journal and look at what you wrote about what you want.  Next, reverse engineer a plan to get you from where you are right now to where you want to end up.  Third, picture yourself going through the entire process including the beginning, middle, and end of your journey.  Make sure to see yourself completing each step with ease.


Step 3- FEEL IT

Here is where the fun comes in.   Imagine yourself in the desired result and not only see but feel the experience.  If you want a new car, go to the dealership and test drive the car.  Walk around in the neighborhood where you want to live and feel the entire experience.  The critical part of this step is to feel it to be true in the present moment.  Thinking, Believing, Imagining, and Feeling are all parts of Manifesting.

If you have been doing all these steps and nothing has happened you are not alone there is actually a fourth step to this process which is often left off the instructions for getting anything you want.  This last step will multiply the power of your manifesting.



Affirm it is a two-step process.  First, you must know you deserve to receive what you are manifesting.  This is having self-worth and if you no or low self-worth you will send mix messages to yourself and the Universe.

Have you ever dreamed of a situation like winning the lottery and at the same time thought well that will never happen?

This will send two completely different messages to your mindset and the Universe.  There is no way you will get what you want thinking these two different ideas.

The other part of Affirm it is to believe it is possible.  If you are unable to believe it could happen, it will not happen.  One way to rewire the brain into believing your goals and dreams to be true is by saying, reading, and listening to affirmations.

To make Affirm it work you will imagine it to be true, know it is possible, and believe you deserve it.  These four steps will help you manifest your goals in a short amount of time as long as you believe and take action.

(And if you are looking for proof it works take a look at the feature photo of this article. That is a photo from a private event with only 40 people held by Wine Library and that is me with Gary Vee.)