Clearing Negative Energy from your home, body, and aura is extremely easy with a few supplies.  Depending on how much energy you have to remove will determine which of the following steps you should take to remove negative energy from your home.  Most importantly know you can never do these steps too often when it comes to protecting your energy.



Here are a couple of quick ways to clear the negative or excess energy from a space. As a tarot card reader, intuitive channel, and therapist I do this before and after meeting with clients.  You should consider clearing your space on a weekly basis and then anytime other time you feel stuck energy in the house. These techniques work for negative energy and excess energy that just doesn’t feel right.



This is the very, very first thing to clearing a space.

Why Smudge?

Smudging removes negative and excess energy by allowing smoke to purify the air.  You can also raise the vibration of the space with certain items.  Smudging should be done weekly, or as often you feel the energy stuck in the air.  Besides the traditional form of smudging with burning you can smudge by spraying these as essential oils.


Recommended Smudges:

  1. SAGE- Removes excess and negative energy.
  2. SANDALWOOD- Raises the vibration of the space.
  3. CEDAR- Clears negative energy.


How to Smudge:

1- Light your sage (or smudge) on fire and blow out the fire, so it is still smoking.  

2- Start at the back of the home and walk to the front door stopping in each room letting the smoke go into every area.  As you walk through the house set the intention, “Guides (Source), please remove all energy that does not serve me.”

3- Once at the front door walk through the front door with the intention of all the negative energy leaving the space.



If you are in an apartment and should not light smudge on fire, you can still smudge with essential oils.  It’s not exactly the same thing because you don’t have the smoke pushing out the energy, however, with the power of the mind, you can imagine that the spray is going into all the corners and removing the unwanted energy.

I recommend Sacred Sage it is a spray bottle of essential oils, premixed with sage, eucalyptus, cedar leaf, juniper berry, and geranium in it.  To use the spray bottle follow the same method as smudging listed above and spray instead of smoking the areas of the home.

Again set the intention, “Guides (Source), please remove all energy that does not serve me.”

And that is it for smudging…you’re good with that.



The easiest way to do this is to put essential oils in a diffuser.  There are a lot of different mixes the one I recommend is equal parts of sage, lavender, and sandalwood or rose if you want to clear out negative energy and raise the vibration of the room at the same it.

Sandalwood has an extremely high vibration, and rose has the highest vibration of all essential oils.  The sage will remove and clear any negative and excess energy, and at the same exact time, the other essential oils will raise the vibration of the space.



Crystals should be placed throughout the home as a way to keep the energies where you want them. There are two main stones I recommended for protection against negative energy, and those are Selenite and Black Tourmaline.  Both of these stones never require being charged and can be placed in the home and left alone to do their jobs.



Clears energy and raises the vibration of space. Place all over the house and some on your altar.


Clears out negative energy by absorbing it.  Squeeze the stone in your hand to put it under pressure and set the intention for all negative energy to be absorbed in the stone.  Next, Place one stone over every door that goes to the outside of your home.  Along with placing the stones above doorways you can also place some over the windows of the home.

You can do all of these or just one, and you’ll notice benefits.  Make sure to always set the intention for the excess and negative energy to leave your home when you start your clearing ritual.