Dating and finding your ideal partner starts with a very simple concept.

You have to know who you are and what you want.

There are so many amazing people in this world all with unique attributes to offer another person and the world.  You are one of those special and unique people.


Here are the steps to attract a mate that is perfect for who you are.

The very first step to find your ideal mate is to love yourself unconditionally.

Basically, if you don’t love yourself then it’s impossible to find the right person.

When you love yourself and take care of yourself then and only then will you attract someone who feels the same about themselves.

If you are always trying to put on a show and be who other people want you to be then you’ll be stuck single or with the wrong person.

The more confident you are the higher quality people you will attract.

You have probably heard you need to love yourself first to have a great relationship.

Did you just roll your eyes?

You are not alone to think that statement is corny and irritating but it’s 100% true.

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The second step is knowing what you like and dislike.

This is going to be a blast.

•   Get a piece of paper and a pen.

•   Write down everything you have wanted to try, explore, or learn about.   Don’t worry about considering time, costs, skills, or probability that it could happen just write it down big or small.

•   Divide the list into short term and long term activities.

•   Pick a day to go try something new each week.

•   Journal about what you like and dislike.

•   For the big items do one every 3 months to give you time to plan and save money for your adventures.

•   If you like something a lot then make it a regular experience.


Yes, you can do this with others but try to do it alone most of the time so you can get to know yourself without any outside influence.

After you start figuring out what you like you should add those activities to your regular routine.


Next, you’ll start to make friends who have similar interests.

If you are doing what makes you happy then you be surrounded by people with similar interests and it will be easy to make some like-minded friends.

If you fall in love with skydiving, or country line dancing, or painting, or anything else and do that activity because you love it you’ll meet others who love it to.

The key is you need to know who you are and be confident in that person.  If you are living the life you want and getting out of the house you will meet others with the interests.

Friendship is the best place to start a relationship it may stay friendship or it could become more.

Don’t just focus on attracting an ideal mate be open to meeting new people and creating amazing friendships in the process.

And the last step of the process…(And maybe the most important)

This is the most important step but you can’t jump ahead to this step without doing the earlier steps mentioned.

Create a list of what you want in your ideal mate.

Write down every detail that you want in your mate and don’t stop writing until you get it all down on paper.

Now look at your list and prioritize it with what your mate must have, would be nice to have, and what you could let go of.

Everything on your list of must-have are skills and attributes you need to start doing yourself immediately.

If you want someone who is fit then you better be working towards being fit as well.

If you want someone who eats clean than you need to eat clean.

If you want someone who travels than start traveling.

Just like before you will attract what you put out, therefore, you need to be what you want in a mate.

Love and Light-