Have Confidence and


Letting your light Shine bright is a big challenge for many people.  Many women are afraid to stand in their power and let others see how amazing they are inside and out.  For my clients, this mindset comes from a generation of parents teaching their daughters as they were taught to be compliant, silent, and meek.  As we awaken as a society, more and more women are learning to show the world how unique and beautiful they are.  One of the most amazing things about letting your light shine is increasing your confidence, intuition, and overall happiness.

Have you ever asked yourself these THREE questions:

Are you afraid to stand in your power?
Are you afraid to let your light shine?
Do you know how to be confident in your awesomeness?

Here are 5 simple things you can start doing today to stand in your power and bring more light into this world.


Align your body

Stand up straight, keep your head raised and chin up, tilt your hips forward to lessen the curve in your lower spine.  All of these little changes allow you to breathe more easily and will keep your body in a more relaxed state.  On an energetic level when you stand straight energy will flow easily without blocks throughout the body which will make you feel more energized, confident, and capable.  



Not everyone loves their smile, and that is when a little no-teeth showing smile can help.  You may prefer a giant ear to ear teeth showing a smile, a small upward turn of the lips smile, or something in between all of them will give you the benefits of smiling.  Make an effort to smile when talking with others and when out in public.  Energetically a smile will raise your vibration which will make you feel happier, more confident, and ready to take on the world.  Smiling is such an amazing way to let your light shine bright and help others shine their light as well. Make sure when you smile you smile at yourself as well every time you see your reflection. 😉


Eye Contact

When you avoid eye contact, it makes you appear as a liar, untrustworthy, and unconfident.  Nobody wants others to think of them negatively.  The best way to avoid all those negative reactions is to make eye contact.  If you haven’t been making eye contact when you start, it will feel uncomfortable at first, but in time it will feel fantastic.  There is no special way to do this you just make the decision to look into a person’s eyes and do it.  A great way to get good at this is to look into the eyes of someone you love when you are in the privacy of your own home.


Think of a Happy Memory

This one is so simple and has lots of benefits.  All you have to do is remember a happy memory and allow your body to feel the way it did during that experience.  You’ll notice you start to smile and feel lighter as you do this.  At any point during your day, you can take a few moments think of a happy memory, and your body and mind will relax.  You’ll notice it is easier to be you and live life when you’re experiencing it with a happy and positive outlook.


Set the Expectation

I love this one because many people overlook this concept.  Starting right now establish the expectation that you are well-liked by yourself and others.  Your mind is extremely powerful and by believing you’re liked you will be liked.  When you live a life of being loved and like everything will be easier.

The biggest changes in your life will come from your mind.  To change your life you must change your mind.  As you change your mindset you will notice a requirement for more friends in a similar place.  I would like to invite you to join our community on Facebook by clicking here.