5 Reasons to Get a Tarot Card Reading

Have you ever considered getting a Tarot card reading or learning how to pull tarot cards for yourself?  You are not alone many people including myself always have at least one deck nearby to ask questions.  The Tarot deck is a tool to assist you with getting answers by connecting to Source and your intuition.  There are many ways to spread and read the cards, and all of the methods are immediate making it extremely easy to get an answer.



1) Tarot Cards Tell the Truth

One of the most significant quotes about Tarot is “the deck never lies.”  You will pull the exact card you require to see regardless of how you shuffle the deck or draw a card. If you are looking for an answer to a yes or no question a single card pull will give you exactly what you require.  If you are looking for more guidance, a more extensive spread will assist you with the details to guide you.  To receive more information all you have to do is ask the question and pull a card…so simple and direct.


2)  Tarot Cards Enhance Your Intuition

When you pull a tarot card and look at it’s meaning your intuition will tune into what it already knows.  There is power in looking at the card yourself and listening to your intuition, however, if you have trouble hearing your inner voice listening to someone else explain it will help you tap into your intuition, almost like training wheels on a bike.


3) Tarot Cards Give Reassurance

Let’s face it sometimes you just want some reassurance that your idea is a good one.  If you get your tarot cards read and they back up your view it gives you reassurance and motivation to move forward.


4) Tarot Cards Relieve Stress and Frustration

Going for a tarot card reading creates a very required pause in your life to breathe and just think about your choices in a bubble.  Many times all you require is a moment to clear your head to understand the possibilities in front of you.  Card readers will hold space for you to release stress and frustration giving you a chance to think more clearly about what is bothering you.


5) Tarot Cards Helpt To Figure Out What You Are Missing

Figuring out what you are missing is a big concept that many who are not familiar with cards many overlook.  In a tarot card reading the cards create a story that will prompt questions you will ask yourself, and the card reader will ask you direct your attention to new information.  We are meant to be joyful, and the path to happiness is through awareness.

These are just 5 of the reasons to get your tarot cards read by someone who knows how to read cards.  Learning to read cards for yourself is as simple as increasing your meditation practice, learning to listen to your intuition, and memorizing the meaning of the cards.  After some practice, you will learn to weave the stories of the cards together and just know what their meanings are supposed to be.  Every Tuesday at 9 pm EST/ 6 pm Pacific I host free card reading in my private Facebook group for members. You are welcome to join our community and see first hand what a tarot card reading.  To join Mind Love Body use this link www.mindlovebody.com/freegroup.